The Electric Bike Manufacturer will introduce why the electric bike is fully charged, and there are only three bars left when the throttle is on.

1. Battery technology

Cadmium in lead-acid batteries can enhance battery conductivity, reduce battery internal resistance, improve battery discharge voltage, high and low temperature resistance, and good charge and discharge performance. After the battery process chooses cadmium-free + internal chemical conversion, the production cost of the company will increase, and the battery performance will also be affected. The most obvious point is that the initial voltage of the battery is low, which means that the battery will be fully charged. Grid electricity situation. But don’t worry, the cadmium-free + internal formation process is the long-term sustainable development of the battery. After a full cycle is achieved, the battery performance will gradually increase and the service life will also increase.

2. Battery self-discharge

Some users do not immediately ride after fully charging the electric car, but leave the electric car for several days. You need to understand one thing: There is self-discharge in electric vehicle batteries. Therefore, the longer the storage time, the greater the power loss, and the faster the battery voltage drops. When the user rides again, it is easy to accelerate and lose two grids of electricity. Remember to fully charge an electric vehicle before it is left unused. After that, charge once every 3-5 days. The battery cannot be fully charged or overcharged, nor can it be under-voltage without charging.

3. The line is damp

Do not rule out the problem of damp lines. If the line gets wet, the resistance of the electric vehicle will increase, and the battery voltage of the electric vehicle will drop, which will also cause the electric vehicle to accelerate and lose two grids of electricity. When doing battery testing, it needs to be dried. Try not to travel with electric vehicles on rainy and snowy days, because it is unsafe + can't run + electric vehicles are expensive.

Through the above introduction, EEC Electric Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.