The term flannel comes from elsewhere. This is a soft suede wool fabric woven from carded wool yarn. It was established in Wales, England in the 18th century. In China, it usually refers to a patterned sweater woven with mixed color carded wool yarn. Flannel is already a very good fabric, but many people, including many high-end brands, will choose the polyester flannel fabric , why?

The prices of raw materials and high-end clothing are not equal. Each fabric has its characteristics. Other fabrics cannot provide certain characteristics, but they are unique. In the selection process of ready-to-wear fabrics, the price is only one aspect, not all. Also, in terms of coloring performance and shrinkage stability, polyester fabrics are unmatched by other fabrics, and the subsequent processing methods may be very rich and difficult to replace with other fabrics.

Besides, the flannel is covered with plump, delicate, and clean wool without revealing the texture. Suitable for making pants, tops, children's clothes, etc. Thin ones can also be used as fabrics for shirts and skirts. Also, it has a soft hand, good hair, elasticity, gloss, and warmth retention. Like coral fleece, it is mainly used for pajamas and bedding. All aspects of performance are slightly better than many other fabrics.

Therefore, in home textile fabric , polyester flannel fabric is also considered unique, so, understandably, it can be sold for a long time.