Many electric vehicle users now have the problem that the electric vehicle does not run far, it is attributed to the battery, and the battery is required to be replaced. After the battery is tested and found to be normal, many people still attribute it to the battery problem. The battery is wrong. In fact, there are many problems that cause electric vehicles to not run far, not necessarily all battery problems. Electric Bike Manufacturer will explain the reason why electric bikes don't run far.

1. Charger problem In order to reduce the cost, the electronic components of many brand-name chargers are basically made of inferior materials, which are easily damaged, and the charging voltage is either high or low. The use of such a charger will inevitably affect the battery durability and mileage ! It is recommended to go to a professional electric vehicle after-sales maintenance point to replace a well-known high-quality brand charger. The charger is a good partner for the battery. Taking care of the battery starts from charging.

2. Motor problems Some motors on the market are refurbished motors, which have large power consumption, low slot full rate, high carbon content in magnets, and even rusty magnets in some motors, resulting in insufficient power and waste of electricity. In addition, some motor shells It is made of low-purity aluminum. These "morbid conditions" will cause the motor to heat up during operation, which greatly increases the battery power consumption and "strains" the battery! When buying an electric car, don't be greedy for a cheap electric car, don't use a brand-name motor, don't spend cheap, use "expensive"!

3. Controller problems. Poor workmanship, control boards, and controllers with inaccurate parameters will cause problems such as large current, offset of undervoltage parameters, etc., which affect the "control play" of battery power, resulting in shortened mileage and early termination Battery Life!

4. The load exceeds the limit. Now electric vehicles are "overloaded" a lot. What can pull 300 catties is 800 catties. The car is like a "snail" and the electric car becomes your "slave". When carrying a heavy load, the vehicle components are forced to run, the discharge current is large, and there is no current limiting protection, so that the battery is forcibly discharged, causing serious internal vitality of the battery and serious damage to the battery!

5. The problem of brake power failure is prone to danger without brake power failure. Accelerating the speed and adjusting the brake will not return to the position, it will "run" with the brake, which will make the whole vehicle components "fatigue work" and waste a lot of power! If you want an electric car to not want the battery to run away due to the brakes, repair it if there is no brake power failure! More for safety! Also for the life of the battery!

6. Tire pressure. The pressure of electric vehicles is generally 310-380kpa. Low pressure and high friction will inevitably consume more power!

Through the above introduction, Electric Motorbike With Brushless Motor Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.