If you let you design the outdoor cooler cart of your dreams, what features would you add to it? Is it a car Bluetooth speaker, a USB charger, or a fully waterproof design? The three cooler carts mentioned below have all the functions mentioned above and can be said to be an essential tool for summer travel.

Xinshidai launched a portable cooler cart product with excellent quality and affordable price. It integrates 39L ultra-large capacity refrigeration and heat preservation, waterproof and shockproof, wireless Bluetooth, HiFi-level 6.5-inch speakers and other essential outdoor functions. It is a multi-functional player.

Full PU foam, keep warm and keep cold for 24 hours. Open the speaker cover and take out a bottle of cold beer, the condensed water drops across the bottle wall, like the stockings of a goddess slowly fading, full of temptation, slowly releasing the aroma of wine.

Built-in HiFi-level 6.5-inch waterproof speaker, the sound quality is simply overwhelming all kinds of "Bluetooth coquettish little bitch"

The treble is transparent, the middle frequency is delicate, and the low frequency is strong. It is handy in handling various music such as slow shake, blues rap, and pop.

The bluetooth speaker is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, moistureproof, and UV-proof from the speaker, bluetooth, and control panel.

Play games, watch videos, listen to music, and make circles. If you use its Bluetooth to pair with your mobile phone, it can turn into a Bluetooth speaker instantly. Enjoying the music to your heart's content is simply cool, you can turn an outdoor outing into a party.

There is also a custom cooler cart to meet your individual needs, please consult: https://www.cxxsd.com/