When many modern K-Pop fans express their enthusiasm through social media after the 63rd annual GRAMMY nomination, many long-term fans are preparing psychologically and financially for tomorrow (November 25) because of G-Dragon Finally launched his second Peace Misune x Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise White Black. Although it contains many details, making the first cooperation widely successful, tomorrow's proposition is addicted to the "white" color scheme. Naturally, the outline of the swooshe, lace and daisy pattern on the tongue is a sequel without the "black" arrangement to provide contrast to the rest of the upper part. However, the veneer unit maintains its paint stroke scheme. Although invisible fresh out of the box, the pair maintains its multi-color DNA under the frayed upper part; the socks also feature the artwork of previous Big Bang strikers, although they do not need to be worn to show their art.

Since its debut in August, the women's Nike Dunk Low Subversion has appeared in a handful of impressive two-tone arrangements. Its latest Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Pale Ivory Black proposition continues this trend. Smooth leather covers the forefoot, the midfoot and heel are indulged in white tones, and the middle of the mixed material bottom cushion is chosen to be a darker tone between the two. The semi-hidden silhouette swooshes deviate from the above color combination with their white makeup, just like lace and collar lining. Unlike the previous iteration of the modified Dunk Low, the upcoming pair will replace the standard brand on the tongue with a barcode The patterned "NIKE" logo; the pattern extends to the exposed foam tongue in full color. Under the feet, the only unit returned to "Palai Ivory", with a different tone from the midsole and outsole.

In the past few months, 2021 Sneakers has been busy recruiting personnel, helping a little bit from aerial raids, 89' aerial flights, and even the Trailblazers. Now, after a short period of calm, with the unveiling of this multi-colored clothes, the roster will grow by one. The model initially appeared in the size of a child and rarely used the team's signature color. Along the edges of its bubble letters, hits of black, red and bright orange accents from left to right are placed behind the big and bold "AIR", cut out of smooth leather. The background structure is similar, neutral, and paired with the above palette. The Swooshes of the embroidery and jewelry varieties are warm on the toes and counters respectively, matching the top line, its adjacent details are lean and bold, the Rayguns badge set, and the heel label behind the stamp.