Roller Shutter Tubular Motor supplier introduces the considerations for selecting electric curtains:

1. Electric curtain brand: This is also very important. Both domestic and imported brands can be selected, and trusted brands can be referred to.

2. Motor: For curtain motors, choose brand motors with quality assurance, such as imported brand motors.

3. Track: You can find a special curtain track company or a manufacturer to customize it, so the quality is more reliable.

4. Price: According to their own economic strength, rich friends can choose some more expensive curtain products.

5. Fabric: Just choose the one you like. You can choose according to the material and final effect of the fabric.

6. Style: There are many styles of curtains on the market, which can be simple or luxurious, depending on your specific needs.

7. Color: Choose with the main colors of interior decoration. Different color matching effects are very important.

8. The quality of motorized curtains: The quality of curtains is very important. Good quality curtains have a longer service life. When choosing, compare each other and observe carefully.

9. Style: Like color, it must match the interior decoration style, and a coordinated combination is the only thing.

Through the above introduction, Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.