Asking for candies, going to haunted houses, organizing parties... Every Halloween, foreign people will always celebrate through various gatherings, but Halloween in 2020 looks a bit unusual. This year, in addition to "fairies" and "ghosts", they have to face a new fear-the new crown virus.
       Every year on Halloween, the children will go to neighbors' houses and streets, carry their own baskets and shout these words everywhere, and play games. However, this year, such a scene is likely to decrease a lot.
Before Halloween, three professors from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University warned in a written statement that due to the threat of the new crown virus, this year’s "trick or treat" game may be unsafe and children should stay at home.
        According to a latest education survey by the University of Chicago, in 2020, only 12% of American households will play the “trick or treat” game, compared with 24% in 2019. 25% of households said that they will still give out candy this year, a sharp drop from 38% in 2019.
   In addition, the survey also shows that most Americans will carve pumpkins or watch horror movies at home to celebrate this Halloween. About 41% of people will not celebrate it at all, an increase of 10% from 2019. 41% of parents said their children were angry or disappointed about canceling the Halloween plan.
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