The main components of the electronic control unit of CNG LPG ECU are alkanes, ethylene, ethane, propylene, propane and butane, of which methane accounts for the vast majority, and a small amount of ethane, propane and butane. In addition, there are generally hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. , Nitrogen and water vapor and trace inert gases such as helium and argon.

Based on the original operating principle of the engine, it enhances the air intake effect, improves the combustion speed of the mixed dao gas, reduces heat loss and overcomes the wear problem of vulnerable components. It is mainly composed of a cylinder head, a cylinder liner and a piston to form a closed working chamber. The cylinder head is provided with pin injectors, exhaust valves, exhaust port holes and spark plugs. The cylinder liner is provided with a number of air intake holes, and the piston is provided with a vortex frame, a heat insulating layer and a combined piston ring. The liquefied petroleum engine is suitable for all kinds of automobiles in the energy saving and environmental protection era.

The principle of the compressed natural gas regulator: the charging station fills the compressed natural gas into the gas cylinder through the charging valve to 20MPa. When natural gas is used as fuel, the manual shut-off valve is opened, and the oil-gas fuel conversion electric switch installed in the cab is turned to the "gas" position. At this time, the natural gas solenoid valve is opened and the gasoline solenoid valve is closed. The high pressure of 20MPa in the gas cylinder The natural gas enters the pressure reducing regulator through the high-pressure pipeline to be decompressed, and then enters the mixer through the low-pressure pipeline and power valve, and is mixed with the air entering through the air filter, and enters the engine cylinder through the carburetor channel for combustion.

The CNG Regulator, the pressure reducing regulator and the mixer are matched to produce different vacuum degrees according to the different working conditions of the engine, and the air supply volume of the pressure reducing regulator is automatically adjusted, and the natural gas and air are evenly mixed to meet the requirements of the engine Use requirements for different working conditions. The power valve is a device that adjusts the cross-sectional area of the natural gas pipeline, which can adjust the air-fuel ratio of the mixture to achieve the best air-fuel ratio.