Most players should have received the 3.12.5 update from the game team. It fixes many mechanisms or functions in the game players have complained that or are worthy of improvement, including improvements to the Stash Tab Affinities system introduced in the 3.12.4 patch. Players always prefer this kind of very practical mechanism, so they have a rational idea of how to allocate and use POE Currency.

Let’s talk about the improvements in the Heist League first. Previously, when the interface locked, players could not directly access the target room because they would get stuck before. The developer has fixed it. At the same time, they also fixed the bug that the skill was still working after the release. Now players will no longer get stuck in the robbery gate after using Dash.

Let’s talk about the improvement of Stash Tab Affinities. Players can now click the Create New Folder button in the upper right corner of the storage interface to complete the operation, which is much more convenient. Although the “+” button to add a new storage label follows the same rules as before 3.12.4d, if there is space on the tab, the option will display, but they will hide it when the bar is full. Usually there are about 10 tabs. In addition, if the folder created by the players contains only deleted tabs, it will no longer be invisible. The display order of the labels stored in different areas of the folder is now automatically corrected.

What makes Mac players happy is that the developers have also improved the Path of Exile platform a lot. When players are playing games, they can use the screenshot function to keep the wonderful moments. When they enable dynamic resolution in the settings, they can adjust the resolution size, which can make the game frame rate higher and get a better visual experience. Some players used to cause hotkey to change after the in-game session. Now this problem is gone.

Anyway, players who enter the game after updating the patch will know how much improvement has taken place in Path of Exile. They can also Buy POE Currency and POE Items to make themselves more powerful and better gaming experience.