SmCo Disc Magnet are round coin-shaped neodymium magnets of varying diameter and thickness. SmCo is a widely used second-generation high energy material. Using Samarium and cobalt as its rare earth element, it exhibits high magnetic performance characteristics in energy products and coercive force. There are two compositions of magnets in this family: Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17. The highest commercially available energy products of Sm2Co17 are in the 30MGOe range.

  SmCo Disc Magnet can be used for the coreless motor, variable frequency air conditioner, oil industry dewaxing device motor, sensors, computer disc driver, linear actuators, etc, which have good application in the low-carbon, and energy -saving.

  Rare Earth SmCo Disc Magnet can operate in high temperature environments, or in an application where a demagnetizing force is present. Samarium Cobalt Magnets are typically used in high temperature motors, aerospace and military applications.

  These strong SmCo disc magnets can be manufactured with the direction of magnetization through the thickness or across the diameter. For larger SmCo disc magnets, multiple poles can be put on the face of the magnet, which will make the holding force greater between the disc magnet and the adjoining magnetic material.