Medical Devices equipment In order to strengthen the professionalism of the company’s foreign trade personnel on products and better serve customers, the company’s entire foreign trade team went deep into the first-line production workshop. Under the guidance of the project general manager Fang Zhongwei, the wheelchair project products were studied. During the process, everyone paid attention to the details, production process and craftsmanship, and asked on-site questions about the problems in each link and how to better help customers choose wheelchairs.
    The structure and function of wheelchairs can be divided into four categories: one is a soft seat cushion; the other is a hard seat cushion; the third is a high-back wheelchair; the fourth is a wheelchair with some special functions, such as: with a small movable dining table, with a seat Toilets, flat beds, etc. When a wheelchair is designed, there are many functions to use, but these functions cannot be reflected in the same wheelchair at the same time. Users should choose according to their needs. 
    Generally, only a portable wheelchair should be used as a transportation tool. It can be put into the trunk of a car, can be easily carried upstairs, and takes up less space when not in use.
    If a special user has only one hand or can only use one hand to drive the wheelchair, it is necessary to choose a wheelchair with the function of driving two wheels with only one hand. Otherwise, when purchasing an ordinary wheelchair without a caregiver, you can only spin around.
    Wheelchairs are an important tool for patients' rehabilitation, a means of transportation for people with lower limb disabilities, and a lifelong means of transportation for patients with spinal cord injuries. More importantly, they can use wheelchairs for physical exercise and social activities. Wheelchairs are divided into ordinary wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Among the special-shaped wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, unilateral drive wheelchairs, and competitive wheelchairs are commonly used.