Many people will ask how to choose a glass fish tank and acrylic fish tank? Which is better? Today Mirror Acrylic will give you a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

The advantages of acrylic fish tanks are light weight and beautiful appearance. Resistant to mild impact. The disadvantage is that the surface is tender and scratches are easy to occur. This is unavoidable. For example, if the inner wall of the fish tank is moss or dirty, always wipe it, it will also leave scratches. After a long time of use, the surface of the fish tank will be blurred and opaque. , Which seriously affects appreciation.

The disadvantage of the ultra-white glass fish tank is that it is bulky and untouchable. In case of cracking, there is a danger of injury. The advantage is that the glass surface is not prone to scratches, and the transparency is high and durable.

I personally think that acrylic is suitable for small fish tanks, and its beautiful shape is the main reason for the first choice. Large-scale fish tanks should be made of glass, because large-scale fish tanks have always been aware of the safety factors that are not easy to be collided in consideration of placement, and the probability of large fish tanks being scrubbed is high, so the advantages of glass scrubbing resistance are particularly important. .

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