The arrival of Next Is Now in NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode means that there will be more innovative content in the game. Since the middle of last month, some players with the best dunks in history and a series of new Spotlight triple threat challenges have appeared in the game, including high-level dunk items and some NBA 2K21 MT as the final reward. This undoubtedly aroused the interest of players who are keen on dunking.

The pink diamond version of John Wall with a total score of 95 is the most dazzling dunk star in this NBA 2K21 Dunkers bag. Although Wall’s competitive state in the past few seasons is not very good, but if he is in very healthy physical condition, then he will definitely present the best dunk performance for fans. Fans who are familiar with him know that John Wall participated in the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest and won the championship. But his best part is not his gorgeous dunk, but his unmatched speed.

Fans know that if a basketball player runs fast without the ball, there is nothing to be proud of. The important thing is that John Wall is still the league’s top speed, even when running with the ball. Players who want to buy a bag that contains dunk stars need to spend 7,500 NBA 2K21 VC or 10,500 MT. Individual cards are also being sold at auction houses, and Wall’s price in the PlayStation 4 store exceeds 400,000 2K21 MT.

Besides the MyTeam Season 2 NBA 2K21 Dunkers data package, 2K also provides a series of new Triple Threat Spotlight Challenges. The game is called Decade Dunkers and has 10 challenges, which involve some of the best slam dunk players in the game. Faced with each of the 10 challenges, players will lead three players against three all-star superstar players. Each challenge also brings different rewards, including tokens, MT, gift packs, and the ultimate rewards of the Nate Robinson 88 OVR card, which can be used in the players’ MyTeam lineup. Players should note that if they want to unlock the next challenge, they must continuously complete each of the previous tasks. Players who want to become stronger can come to GameMS to Buy many Cheap NBA 2K21 MT to realize their dreams.