In the past few years, product design and user experience have been the focus of our attention. We have also received a lot of inspiration from other companies and products that value design and experience, including Apple, Uchida Yoko office supplies and Moleskine style notebooks. Now, we have this opportunity to work hand in hand with Moleskine to witness "user experience first".

In fact, Moleskine has become synonymous with elegantly designed notebooks, and its peripheral products have become the best choice for various creatives. The quality and style of Moleskine notebooks are indeed attractive, but they still face the common problem of all physical notebooks-they are always physical, not easy to search and store.

It just so happens that cloud storage and search are what Evernote is good at, so we and Moleskine have developed a new limited edition "Evernote Smart Notebook" to work with the new Evernote iOS version.

At the same time, inside this exquisite notebook, there are also many special functional designs, allowing you to speak freely and enjoy the fun of writing. At the same time, it can be saved to Evernote, which is convenient for searching, organizing, and saving forever.

Book Evernote Smart Notebook: new features, magical pages and smart stickers. Our goal is to design a notebook that meets Moleskine's aesthetic standards and add new features. The following are the results of our efforts.

Magic pages, Evernote smart notebook pages have two types: horizontal lines and grids. For these two types, we have specially designed special small dot patterns as dividing lines in order to maximize its function in Evernote.

For more product information, you can click here: hardcover notebook.