I liked legion however there were a LOT of problems with it, particularly inthe first half.BfA was unquestionably not amazing in a lot of classic wow gold abilities, but given how every expansion has been treated in thepast I'm eager to see how history becomes revised for/against it.Balance at the start and healer/tank balance throuout was reallyawful and the very first raid was kinda garbage, but otherwise I agreeOH yeah and it had been horrifically alt and even offspeccunfriendly.

I liked pretty much everything from the Emerald Nightmare except for Xavius himself.Ursoc I liked, I don't mind asimple brute force fight every now and then.With a few shadow priest surrendering and bypassing most of it made it kinda bearable.As well as the biggest prune in the background of WoW, and also the AP farming spamming Maw of Souls to acquire the required APlevel, and AP being spec-specific, without a catchup in AK for approximately a year that made alt specs and alts all butimpossible, and the Suramar timegating, and templates for PVP, and grinding honour on every character to unlock PVP talents,

andthe garbage Argus patch, along with timegating course campaign that was required for your third relic slot, and the Netherlightcrucible, and the best trinket for the whole expansion for a number of specs being in an RNG world manager. But yeah, Legion wasperfect.When I didn't know better, I'd believe somebody telling me bfa was the precursor to Legion.

This is because the systemsutilized in BFA was created for Legion and has been implemented in their pinnacle in the Legion systems. When BFA attempted toreuse these systems but be different, the only way to be cheap wow classic gold different was to be worse. Leveling up a weapon and unlocking cool newabilities and power as you go? Thats exciting. Its reminiscent of the Lich King drawing souls into Frostmourne to become morepowerful.Leveling a necklace which lets you select gifts on armor bits? Eh... then you're giving up your grade collections on topof that.