I can predict right now that the bulk of Mut 21 coins marketing will be a few new x-factors, new gear for your Yard, and new art/cards for MUT... this while they feign sympathy and promise they are taking their initial actions to improve Franchise mode. They won't invest money into it, and still make a shit ton of profit. Not true at all, I'm solos I targeted a wr 3 times in a row another play he had been doubled. Each of AI is flexible with nature, even Madden's joke of an AI system. What they're saying is"our advertising team is actually great".

Honestly I know sites like IGN are not the most reliable for sport reviews anymore but should they actually give this match over a 6.9 I'll be amazed. There has been so much public outcry about this match being shitty that I believe even they're gonna listen to it and determine what the issue is. Bad earnings and poor critical reception would be the only two items that I think could legitimately bring about any real change to this series now that they have had their contract Re-upped through the mid 2020s. For at LEAST the previous ten years IGN always gave it a positive review, always saying"a step in the right direction". 10+ years we're gradually stepping ahead, but still have not reached the destination yet. I'm not touching a different Madden till they have a massive franchise style update.

Something little that's always bothered me, and that you brought up when talking about the high school games, is that the scene is always packaged. It is irrelevant whether you're at the super bowl at the first game of the preseason. You could literally lose as many matches in a row as you need, and the audience is always complete. I just kinda want that they perhaps would have made the scene more vacant during high school or preseason games. Idk just my 2 cents. I remember they used to buy Madden nfl 21 coins have dynamic audiences in Madden 11 however NFL owners complained and they never uttered the idea. You may still have it packaged but with varying levels of excitement ala NCAA 14.