At present, the requirements for custom printed paper cups are very high. How should we choose them as consumers? According to the following three points, we can identify the requirements of paper cups. Specifically:

1. Paper cups should not have peculiar smell or pungent chemical smell;

2. Paper cups should not be brightened and whitened by fluorescent whitening agents during printing;

3. The distance between the mouth of the paper cup and the cup body is less than 15 mm, and the distance between the cup bottom and the cup body is 10 mm. Printing production is not allowed;

In addition, green environmental protection means not polluting the ecological environment and endangering human health. And can be recycled to achieve the purpose of sustainability.

There are many potential safety hazards in paper cup printing. If you don't pay attention to it, it will endanger people's health. When printing, you should use green printing materials. Most printing plants are made of corn steep liquor, which not only keeps the advantages of the materials themselves, but also does not endanger the environment and human health.

In the printing process of paper cups, ink is the most prone to problems. Many enterprises use cheap and inferior inks in order to save costs. Although they are coated on the outer layer, they are stacked one on top of the other in packaging, so it is easy to stick to the inner wall of paper cups. In the application of ink, water-based ink, plant ink and so on should be used as much as possible. UV-curable ink uses environment-friendly ink to ensure the quality and protect the ecological environment. As a consumer, when buying paper cups, we must buy them from regular channels, so as to ensure their safety.

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