Photopia is the title given by Harvey for his personal island, since he really loves taking pictures and Animal Crossing Items helping others do the same.

Right now, players can't seem to agree on what conditions need to be fulfilled to possess a player's island is arrived at by Harvey. The general consensus among those who've met Harvey is they need to build at least three Getaway Package plots to get a third villager to maneuver in. As a few players report that this helps, if Harvey has not arrived after this, work on villager furniture requests.

After Harvey arrives it becomes a matter of speaking to him then flying into his island. "Visit Harv's Isle," is what players will want to pick. Upon landing, Harvey will be in front of his home and tell you that is it's good to see you which you were on the flight. Harvey personality is by far the best Animal Crossing in all.

As soon as Harvey's home is entered by a player, he'll follow them indoors and describe how to choose the photos by focusing on collection, versions, and apparel. After a short explanation, players may ask about all three in more detail as well as the way to choose pictures.Similar to all animal crossing items new horizons Label's fashion competition, players should aim to organize their photos towards a central theme. Harvey states that"You will need your models wearing costumes which match the set, right? That is where the wardrobe comes in!"