Safety Needle Mould are mainly used for injection needle holders, blood collection needle holders, scalp needle holders, bottle insert needle holders, and other parts that need to strengthen the bonding strength. Before this equipment, some manufacturers can only use acid or alkali to treat the needle seat in order to increase the bonding strength. It needs to be soaked, cleaned, and dried. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and there are acid residues on the surface. .

But after using the processor, just put the needle holder into the processor, turn on the switch to let the machine work, and when the time is up, take out the needle holder and use it. It does not need to add any raw materials, does not need to be supervised, and there is no residue on the surface. Moreover, the treatment effect is much better than the acid immersion treatment, and the tensile strength can be increased several times.

The machine uses air as a raw material to convert the oxygen in the air into the required concentration of ozone through the ozone conversion system inside the machine. The oxidizing property of ozone on various plastics breaks the chemical bonds on the surface of the needle seat and makes it slightly Obviously rough, use its roughness to increase the contact surface between the colloid and the needle seat, thereby improving the bond firmness.

Another feature of this machine is that it can reduce the cost of the product, and use lower grade and relatively cheap raw materials to replace the original better grade and higher price materials. Due to the high price, only some foreign investment or joint ventures adopt them, so their product quality and price are always superior, and the benefits are particularly good. Now these equipments have been made in China, although some manufacturers say that their products meet the national standards and do not need special Deal with it, but the national standard is the minimum standard that allows production and sales. If an enterprise only stays on this standard and does not bribe the better quality standards to move forward, it will not be able to win in Medical Mould market competition.