Every fan knows that three players contributed to the establishment of the Spurs dynasty. Their nickname is the GDP combination, which are power forward Tim Duncan, point guard Tony Parker and shooting guard Manu Ginobili. Now Manu Ginobili has become the main star of the current NBA 2K21 MyTeam promotion. Players can use NBA 2K21 MT to get him.

Manu Ginobili is the featured star of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Idols. Ginobili has won four NBA championships with the Spurs. Although he has his card in the game, now a brand new card about it has arrived in NBA 2K21 MyTeam. In this mode, players can freely build their own lineup according to their preferences. It allows NBA players of different levels and ages to exist, which can enable the 2K21 player team to have more comprehensive skills.

This promotion also provides virtual gift packs for 2K players. Each pack usually includes five collectable cards, one of which is a star player. For Manu Ginobili, he will get pink diamonds, which is the second highest level of MyTeam card. Ginobili’s card overall rating is 95. The best cards in the game usually have 99 levels. The former Spurs star is the highest-rated player in the event.

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