After all, every player has his or her own preferences, so every time all players will certainly not accept a league released by GGG. After they release each league, the game team will make improvements based on some of the problems players faced at the beginning of the game. For example, players did not pick up POE Currency after killing monsters. This approach enhances the players’ loyalty to POE and also makes the game team more motivated to play the game.

Each league lasts for three months. This time period can ensure that players get a full game experience without making players feel boring and always look forward to the next new league. The game team has changed its development strategy. Thanks to a series of exciting activities to launch by GGG recently, many players who have played POE before but are not playing now have returned. The number of returning players far exceeds the number of players when POE was first released 7 years ago. Chris Wilson is very proud of the success of POE.

Throughout the ten years of development, this vision and determination has never wavered to ensure that this title truly fulfills its desire to play forever. The purpose of GGG’s development of POE is not only for profit but also to relieve people’s pressure in the actual world and enhance communication with their friends. Announcing a sequel to a long-lasting game is risky, but Wilson is using it to unite the player base rather than divide it.

More and more people flock to POE and become beginners. The skyrocketing number of players has also led to a greater demand for POE Orbs and POE Items. Before the major POE events this month, players had better seek a safe and cheap agent to Buy POE Currency to make full material preparations.

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