In summer, some quality problems are easy to occur in aluminum composite panels, or are affected by the use environment. Aluminum composite panel manufacturer can take some measures to avoid such phenomena, so what problems are easy to occur in Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers in wet weather in summer?

1. The temperature is too high when packaging aluminum composite panel. Steam is formed in the package, and the aluminum composite panel is corroded by moisture.

2. The aluminum composite panel is drenched with rain, which makes the rain pour into the package. Corrosion of aluminum composite panel.

3. Corrosion of aluminum composite panel will occur in high humidity environment.

How to avoid this kind of phenomenon:

1. The aluminum composite panel is naturally cooled and then packaged.

2. A fan can be used to cool the aluminum composite panel.

3. When the aluminum composite panel is packed, it shall be externally packed with plastic cloth and then packed with cardboard.

4. In the process of goods transportation, tell the driver to cover the tarpaulin.

5. In the environment with high humidity, put more desiccant in the package. And put the aluminum composite panel in a relatively dry environment.

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