That's the greatest fear withSL. The wow classic gold very same men and women who cautioned them regarding Azerite Armor and Legiondary RNG, both being huge points ofcontention in both expansions, have been warning them about the current covenant system and so far they've heard those voiceshowever they haven't correctly socialized and are still within their ivory tower because they love the present system asdesigners.I did not like bfa in any way, but for the most part it had been that bad just because I had legion as a fresh contrast.

Class design was substantially betetr, PVP gearing had greatest system and pvp was aslo much better then Legion. I discoveredproffesions bettetr aswell. And if desired to raid you dint have to precisely the exact same couple quests and dungeons foreternity over and over and over.?ANd otuside Kharazhan I liekd WoD dungeons more then Legion ones.

To me personally it was thetemplate of a buy classic wow gold story. It didn't attempt to tackle topics and concepts above the games capacity to handle. Ithad been great guys vs the animation bad guys.I miss Halls of Valor.The total amount of people in thread calling legion aexcellent expansion with article histories filled with claiming covenants are going to ruin SL is astonishing.

The largest problemwith WoW isn't covenants, or any system, it is the forward facing community on social networking.Can you imagine if the legion beta has been occurring in 2020? Legendary RNG ordering if a class is great, fun, or even playable? Locked to a single spec,forget about alts, for your initial year and a half? Major character progression locked behind table missions that varied inlength between specs and classes?