With the continuous upgrading and promotion of my country's power grid transformation, the demand for multi-user Electromechanical KWh Meter is still in a very strong season, especially in the next few years in my country, my country's smart multi-user electric energy meters will keep increasing The trend can further show that there is a good development trend in the development of my country's electricity meter industry.

Why does the development of the multi-user electric energy meter industry explain that the current electric meter development is very good? First of all, multi-user electric meters are used in a wide range of industries. In addition to bidding for power grids, there are many large market orders, especially commercial real estate. In terms of demand for public facilities, industrial and communications needs are widely used.

At present, the development of multi-user electric energy meters in the industry is gradually and steadily carried out. Based on the analysis of the current situation, in the next few years, smart meters such as multi-user electric meters will continue to be added at a rate. It is understood that in recent years, most cities in my country have assembled to complete the data of multi-user electric energy meters and the installation of equipment for the centralized meter reading system for low-voltage power users. In the past, most of the electricity consumption of users was carried out through manual meter reading and manual measurement, which caused a lot of increase in labor costs and errors in electricity consumption data, which affected the electricity consumption data.

With the development of a new generation of smart network meters and other multi-user electric energy meters and the use of a new generation of multi-user electric energy meters for household appliances, smart days have opened a new chapter. Compared with traditional electric meters, multi-user electric energy meters also have a variety of intelligent functions such as electricity information storage, two-way multi-rate metering, and user-side control.

Multi-user electric energy meters are automatically transmitted through low-voltage power line carrier to realize automatic reading of data such as electric energy meters, which is convenient for residents. Replacing the multi-user electric energy meter only changes the type and transcription method of the user-side electric energy meter, without any impact on billing and payment. After replacing the multi-user watt-hour meter, the accuracy of electronic energy meter reading data has been further improved to prevent manual errors and untimely meter reading from causing trouble to citizens.