We are a mold manufacturer and barrel mold is one of our products. Here are some technical points of the Pail Mould:

  1. Explanation about the eccentricity of the barrel mold core, which results in uneven barrel wall thickness and eccentric barrel.
  2. If the cooling of different areas of the barrel core and cavity is not equal, this will result in the following differences in the molten material. The larger the flow in the hot zone, the smaller the flow in the cold zone. Then the thickness of the barrel wall in the hot zone will become thicker. The temperature difference usually causes at least 0.05mm...
  3. Generally, the interlocking height of the barrel mold should be 20% to 30% of the height of the plastic barrel, for example, the smaller barrel should be 20%, and the larger barrel mold should be about 30% of the height.
  4. The processing technology refers to which processing method should be selected and the matters that should be paid attention to when processing the barrel mold core and cavity.

In addition, Plastic Bucket Moulds are also our products, welcome to consult and purchase.