The effects of green tea on weight loss have been tested in multiple clinical trials. Although several studies found that it helped, the results were modest and mixed.

Three meta-analyses of 44 studies found that GREEN TEA 41022 and its catechins promoted a slight weight loss.

A meta-analysis of 8 studies found that they may do so by promoting fat burning and energy expenditure. However, 2 other meta-analyses of 21 studies concluded that green tea catechins only promote fat burning in combination with caffeine.

Green tea had no effect on the appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin in a meta-analysis of 11 trials.

Although the results were modest, most studies concluded that green tea (especially if it contains caffeine) may help lose weight. However, doing more exercise and improving your diet may be safer and more effective for this purpose. Discuss with your doctor if you may take green tea to lose weight and carefully follow their recommendations.

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