He's 14. When NBA 2K MT Coins he was 19 I'd be having a conversation about money with him lol. When I was his age 8, I recall. I'd save money anyway I could just so I can buy something I needed or desired. I would invest it the moment my hands touched. Hell his grandpa gave him for doing absolutely nothing 30 bucks. I made a joke about how within 2 mins he is going to ask me to get him a gift card with that cash and he got angry and even raised his voice at me so I just shut off him NBA 2K21 and delivered him out the room. The very next day while we are at the store he comes up to me and asked if I can lend him more bucks so he can purchase a gift card because all they had was the 50$ gift card.

Hbd man hope you get a great one accountable for the late response yeah I get the vibe his kid and he likes to spend his money but man if his gonna spend it let him spend it not waste it tell him rather buy some Jordans or candies hell anything coz anythings better then VC. Sure he's got a bit angry with you it occurs but speak to the guy you know him then I do ofc so yeah sit him down and teach him you can not back away just coz he got angry with you and man idk im not from America but $50 in my money (South african Rand ) is all about R1000 yeah 1k theres a great deal of money vow minimum wage folks earning about R3000 per month and the average child his age roughly gets R300 a month so let him be thankful or tell him to come here he can chunk hard here.

What's PC players strategy seeing NBA2k21?

Are you going to purchase NBA2k21? I suppose everyone understands we aint obtaining the"next gen" version this season on PC. So do you believe the normal NBA2k21 will have enough improvment over the current version so as to inspire an purchase. And foremost motivate the grind. Im unsure what 2k′s purpose not to port the following gen PC is, imo the work they'd have put on porting it would have made them alot of cash in the end. I really could see if we had enough players myself skipping this season tough.

But ya I guess that wont happen since we never seen this history shrewd. While we wont, and seeing the console guys getting the Next Gen version.

I am going back to the console version. That is said, the player base is tiny and filled with cheaters which killed online for me personally. Doesn't really matter about how great Buy NBA 2K21 MT a NBA 2K21 game appears to me if the player base is terrible and you dig online. Can give PC a shot again if they straighten things out.