1. Check the oil pipes of Top Hammer Drilling Tools and their connections for signs of oil leakage at any time. It is required that the high-pressure hoses are not damaged, and there is no oil leakage at all parts of the jack;
  2. After removing the oil pipe, put on the dust cap immediately on the nozzle;
  3. The pusher must be tightened with the middle cylinder, and must not work when it is loose;
  4. If there is no actual need, try to avoid the tension jack working under too high pressure, especially when the middle cylinder has retracted during the return stroke, or the middle cylinder rises to the top during the lift;
  5. When disassembling and installing DTH Drill Pipe, beware of the deformation and scratches of the clamping parts of each part. The parts must be kept clean during installation and the mating surfaces are coated with lubricating oil.