Acrylic is also a kind of plexiglass. It is currently a relatively good polymer transparent material, with a light transmission rate of 92 inches, which is higher than glass. The sun lamp called the artificial sun is made of quartz, because quartz can completely penetrate ultraviolet rays. Ordinary glass can only pass 0.6 inches of ultraviolet light, while acrylic can pass 73 inches.

Acrylic has high mechanical strength. The relative molecular mass of acrylic acid is about 2 million. It is a long-chain polymer compound, and the chain forming the molecule is very soft. Therefore, the strength of acrylic is relatively high, and its resistance to stretching and impact is 7 to 18 times higher than that of ordinary glass.

There is a kind of plexiglass that is heated and stretched. The molecular chains are arranged in order, which obviously improves the toughness of the material. A nail is pushed into this acrylic, even if the nail penetrates, there is no crack in the acrylic plate. This acrylic quilt will not break into pieces even after being penetrated. Therefore, extended acrylic can be used as bullet-proof glass, and can also be used as a cockpit cover for military aircraft.

Acrylic processed products are light in weight. The density of acrylic acid is 1.18 kg/dm3. For the same size material, the weight is only half of ordinary glass.

Acrylic is easy to process. Acrylic can not only be used for cutting lathes and drilling machines for drilling machines, but also can be combined into various shapes with equipment such as acetone and chloroform. It can also be processed into large airplanes through plastic molding, injection, extrusion, etc. .. Block covers, from dentures to braces. Acrylic acid has the above excellent properties, making it extremely widely used.

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