You appear not to understand the fact that these nba2k21 myteam coins games have been dogshit for a very long time. That is part of those predatory practices. They've had gameplay but 2K understands they could get away with it since try-hards the whales and streamers will keep their profits coming in. Which impacts those of us who want proper gameplay with a well-balanced, fair game economy. The franchise has turned into a straight up cash-grab. Because it was the only great basketball sim, That stinks, there are not any alternatives.

I do not even actually understand what you mean when you say NBA 2K21 is dog shit. It's incredibly popular and can be a glossy and well-featured game. Hell, the reason I started playing with it at the first place was sick of NHL matches being actual dog shit, and NBA 2K21 is way better. You know you could not play MyTeam. You're walking into a casino and then whining that they encouraging you to bet. Well, yeah. So we have gone from protecting the kids to saying NBA 2K21 just sucks. I wonder where the goalposts goes next.

Lets be honest also. They aren't at all whatsoever memorializing Kobe here. Its only cash grab. Shameful some businesses such as 2K can make the most of a players legacy like that. I am sure Kobe wouldn't have condoned screwing over his lovers such as this. The sad part is, Vanessa Bryant (who I am guessing was involved with allowing Kobe to be around there) and all the regulars who barely play NBA 2K21 don't see it as that. They see it as 2K memorializing him but in reality, they are not doing this, they are just basically using him as a money grab because they know for certain fans and collectors will purchase it.

2k21 mt central is most probably not even coming with almost any physical content like 2K10 or even 2K17 did, only a whole bunch of useless electronic items that are cool for like a month. It's honestly so fucking sad how it's come to this and especially with a basketball legend about the cover, therefore disrespectful. You are not wrong. But let us also he fair this they're in a no win scenario over the honoring Kobe Bryant standpoint. Ignore Kobe and people will whine. They could just say that they do not feel this proper so soon, but that's not gonna fly and best situation it has no effect to the main point. Its a cash and include Kobe grab. So obviously they went with the money grab.