Infancy is the most active stage in a person's life. The baby's body, bones, and spine are relatively soft. Improper use of baby mattresses can easily cause bone or spine deformation, and even lead to poor physical development.

1. The baby has poor resistance and is prone to allergies

According to a study by a professor of genetics, allergies are hereditary. Both parents have allergies. The probability of allergy is 1/2. Both parties are allergic, and the child may be allergic to 3/4. No one is allergic to both parents, and the child has a 19% chance of being allergic. When buying a baby mattress, pay attention to the surface fabric of the baby mattress, and the surface fabric is in closer contact with the baby, which may cause allergies. Choose pure natural cotton, anti-mite knitted fabric, which is not easy to allergies, give your baby a healthy sleep, and prevent your baby's allergies from causing discomfort or even crying.

2. The baby has soft bones and spine

The baby's skeletal spine is in the most active developmental stage and develops rapidly, but it is easily deformed. The skull is the most deformable part of a baby. It should prevent the baby's nerve endings from being compressed, reduce the pressure on the baby's head, and allow the baby's head to move freely and easily. The skull is flat. A mattress with suitable hardness can effectively support the baby's body, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and help the baby's bone development. Put the baby on the mattress. When the baby's sleeping position changes, the mattress fits the baby's body. Generally, mattresses with medium or firm hardness are more suitable for babies.

3. Baby moves and sweats easily

Babies tend to sweat when they sleep at night. It is particularly important to choose a breathable baby mattress. Common fillers for baby mattresses include high-density sponge and natural latex. Yuxi suggests that natural latex is better. Natural latex is molded from natural rubber juice. It has 520,000 ventilation holes, breathable and environmentally friendly. It has antibacterial and anti-allergic effects. Latex is suitable as a padded mattress. Baby use.

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