We are a professional rubber belt manufacturer. We have been focusing on the production of rubber triangle belts (hard steel wire V-belts), with an annual output of various rubber triangle belts of 4000A meters. Here we are concerned about the oil resistance V-Belt.
We have always pursued excellence based on the principle of respecting customers and satisfying customers; if the drive is not used for a long time, we also recommend relaxing the belt tension; if the storage is correct, use typical drive elements on the serpentine drive. The rotation may change.
Its cross-section is rectangular, and it was usually made of leather in the early days. For the turntable owner, it is very tempting to accept any ready-made belt
Compared with other standard belts, this can achieve stable power transmission, and compared with other belts, it can reduce slippage when gripping. The trapezoidal shape can be more deeply wedged into the track of the pulley, preventing slippage and alignment problems.
The oil-resistant V-belt also ensures above-average resistance to repeated bending and high oil resistance. Advanced oil-resistant V-belt technology has contributed to the development of cutting-edge technology. Install firmly on the pulley to prevent lateral drift and help prevent the belt from tipping over.
Also high temperature resistance V-Belt ,it is also one of our products, if you are interested, welcome to consult and purchase.