EA attaches great importance to the Madden NFL 21, which will be released at the end of August this year. In the recent period, EA Sports game designers and developers have been actively listening to players' opinions in the Madden 21 community. In order to make the new game satisfy more players, EA promised to improve the Franchise Mode to provide Madden 21 Coins players with the content they want most. In fact, in addition to fixing the Franchise Mode that players are most concerned about, EA also intends to show a tribute to backyard games through another new mode, which is The Yard mode that has previously been leaked screenshots. According to the introduction of EA representatives, players can experience "fast-paced, small-sided gameplay" in this mode.

In this mode, a total of 12 athletes will appear on the court and divided into two teams for a 6V6 match. In fact, compared with regular NFL games, the skills and rules in The Yard mode will change to some extent, making this small-scale game more interesting.

The first thing the player needs to do is to create an avatar that will replace the player in the game to complete the game and various difficult challenges. The news that players already know is that this mode will include a progress system similar to a season pass. Each time players complete the game and special challenges, they will receive a certain XP reward to upgrade their level and unlock various unique appearance rewards for this mode. If you have played Madden NFL 21 Mobile before, then you can already experience the same mode called "The Yard: Underground" on your phone.

The Yard and therefore the Yard: Underground will have a shared inventory, progression, and in-game currency. EA is clearly trying to drive engagement with its free-to-play Madden NFL Mobile app once the most game launches. Games within the Yard will run in step with a user's house rules, which permit for things like double passes, scoring bonuses sure enough styles of plays, and therefore the like.

It's a touch harking back to what EA Sports' FIFA 20 tried with Volta Football, a street soccer/futsal mode with a narrative campaign and a personalised superstar. Volta Football executed well against its goals but the mode didn't have the maximum amount of an impression on a community otherwise engrossed by Football Ultimate Team and also the game's deep career suite.

EA Sports launched a single-player career mode in Madden NFL 20 last year and named it "Face of the Franchise". Although it contains a wealth of online content, in general the avatar in this mode lacks enough Customization options, at least not as in-depth as The Yard touted. Earlier in Madden 18, the first chapter of the story mode "Longshot" also introduced a small game similar to the backyard style, but did not develop a sequel in the series.

Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy said in a statement that they want to provide players with a model that can show their personality. For the Madden NFL series of games, the introduction of small-scale football matches is a new experience. Compared with the traditional NFL game mode, The Yard's looser rules and easier game attitude make the game more vivid, which is very good for players. In the upcoming Madden NFL 21, what players need most is a large number of Madden 21 Coins, because MUT 21 Coins is very important in the Madden Ultimate Team and is the basis for players to build an ideal lineup. MMOSPT is currently the most trusted game service website on the market, which is why more and more players choose to Buy Madden Coins from MMOSPT. Their customer service will solve the most critical problems for users.