Cellular PVC cabinet board is a wood replacement product most commonly used in exterior applications. The applications are similar to wood, except it won’t rot, crack, cup, split or warp like wood and its resistive to termites and wood boring insects.

The product is naturally white throughout, which makes it an excellent choice for trim on the outside of your home. The bright white contrasts well with dark colors, and is easy to keep clean. One of the biggest advantages is that is doesn’t need to be painted, but it is encouraged as it adds to the long term durability and prevents from weathering effects.

Here in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, we experience four seasons. This includes heavy snowfalls and weeks with temperatures in the lows teens in the winter to scorching summer days in the high nineties. PVC stands up to the elements and looks beautiful all year long.

Won’t rot, split or warp
Easy to clean
Does not need to be painted
Does not inhibit mold growth
Water-resistant, OK for ground and water contact
Color will not fade over time
Can be heat-bent and molded easily

Not readily available in some parts of the United States or internationally
Not easily repairable when outer “skin” is damaged
Initial upfront cost, priced similarly to a premier hardwood

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