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  • Causes Of Mechanical Parts Failure In China
    When mechanical parts of mobile or industrial equipment fail. Evidence of malfunctions and mechanical component failures is often damaged. The original evidence of a defect is deformed by actual defects and cannot be distinguished from other evidence. The destruction of the initial failure evidence usually leads researchers to blame the lubricant for failure caused by another mechanism. in...
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  • The Future Of Automotive Stampings
    Automobile Press Parts is a kind of machining, but it is precision machining. With the development of the industry and continuous changes in demand, compact machining has changed a lot. Its classification is more and more, and its direction is more and more. The finer the direction, the more professional the direction. With the development of technology, the manufacturing technology of...
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  • Classification Of Optical Fibers
    The Optical Fiber Distribution Box transmits optical signals downward in a so-called mode. This may sound technical, but it only means a different way of propagation: the mode is just the path of the beam down the fiber. One mode is to move directly down the middle of the fiber. Another method is to bounce the fiber at a shallow angle. Other modes include bouncing fiber at other angles (more or...
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  • Fiber Jumper Components
    Components for fiber optic jumpers (cable assemblies) Most of our customers produce fiber optic cable assemblies, which are widely known as patch cords. The jumper can be simplex or duplex. Simplex cables consist of a single fiber. A duplex cable consists of two insulated single-core fibers. (We encourage you to review the Fiber Center Glossary to familiarize yourself with various industry...
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  • Sheet Metal Processing Steps
    Sheet Metal Parts Processing: Opening The first thing to do in sheet metal part manufacturing (after selecting the appropriate size and thickness of the sheet metal part) is to pass the sheet metal plate through an automatic cutting machine. Sheet metal is cut using several different machines, and the specific machine used will vary depending on the application. Sheet metal processing:...
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  • Problems In The Production Of Mechanical Parts
    With the continuous improvement of science and technology and people's living standards, people's requirements for products are getting higher and higher. In the stamping industry, the demand for Chinese mechanical parts is also growing. China Mechanical Parts are not only highly accurate, but also superior to ordinary stamping products in terms of appearance and durability. The production...
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  •  Processing Of Sheet Metal Parts
     Cost estimation The manufacture of Sheet Metal Parts and the manufactured parts and products usually include some basic manufacturing processes, namely cutting blanks by size, brake forming, welding, grinding, deburring and finishing (whether chemically coated or finished Spray paint).   Welded templates for machined parts can be divided into many different categories for quick and easy...
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  • Otimization Of Plastic Injection Parts
    Unfortunately, there are manyPlastic Injection Parts injection molding machines in this industry. When there are process problems or part defects, these plastic molding operators try to solve the problem by changing the cyclic process of configuration changes. The biggest problem with this method is the inefficiencies it creates, such as excessive scrap, rework and turnaround time. In fact, the...
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